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What we are

Yottolabs‘s fundamental strategy is innovate in all areas of digital commerce and digital transformations of enterprises. It strives to remain continually competitive by pursuing a broader mission to rapidly integrate new technologies that continue to be created at breakneck speeds and obsoletes existing technologies. Its role is to widen the breadth and velocity of new technology adoption by understanding business’ behavioral patterns and operational processes and apply digital data processing to disrupt the status quo bringing transformative changes and challenge the incumbents.It will bring newer and innovative technologies that are relevant to the business goals from idea into reality, and explore all market areas that can benefit from the technologies already in place. Its goal is to increase inefficiencies and address pain points through marrying digital technologies and data insights into intelligent ways of interacting with physical objects and humans, participants and stakeholders.


Agri Tech

From growing crops to moving grocery shelves

Sharing Economy

applied to traditional taxi service, doctors, nurses, pharmaceutical drugs etc

Digital Transformation

Build platforms & services to accelerate business growth and efficiency 

Dr. Subir Saha

and yottolabs


As a long time researcher in many large corporate R&D centers in India and Silicon Valley Dr Subir has been instrumental in driving the edges of technology he saw the gradual morphing of lab experiments into disruptive products. He saw that digital identity of physical objects when transformed into a parallel model could bring immense insights and benefits and take away major hassles, hurdles, and pain of building a successful business. He knew he had to come out of the labs and live in that cross domain between the reality of bricks and mortars and the fundamental insights derived from using digital technologies.



An Agricultural Project

The Yottolabs research team worked closely with the Govt of West Bengal to establish a system of operational management and information dissemination that has enabled digital information to become accessible to inspectors and farmers allowing immense inefficiencies in proper usage of fertilizers and diagnostic and reporting of crop issues.


Matir Katha Online Portal


Matir Katha Android App


Your business needs much more than just an ERP! In a digitally connected world you can pair your in-location transactions with your inventory, your purchasing, your loyalty programs, your online presence, your marketing campaigns, and much more – enhancing both the top and the bottom line! The Digital Bricks platform digitizes your entire business by offering easy to use apps that monitor your inventory giving you real-time visibility on popular items, insight on employee performance, automating processes right from sourcing to sales, all using the latest cloud technology on familiar and easy to use tablets. Real-time visibility and end to end control allows you to provide innovative and targeted customer experiences. And you will find in us a partner who is there 24 x 7 with you through this digital transformation!

Innovative Experience

Cloud SaaS product that lets you gain actionable insights into your business from inventory, to production, to staffing.

Launch Instantly

Get your business live within days. Easy to use for all stakeholders: intuitive mobile centric user interfaces.

Just-in-time Management

Real-time data on sales, inventory, profit, etc. all at your fingertips: anywhere, anytime. Opens new opportunities


Low monthly cost per outlet. Zero IT costs for servers, zero for maintenance, zero for staff. We are always there for you.


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Covered in
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Graham Bell Award


It was one of our proudest moments at Yotto Labs Pvt. Ltd. this showcases the recognition that we received for leading path-breaking innovation in social networking and mobile entertainment space.

UTV Bloomberg Aegis Graham Bell Award 2011 Innovation in social networking

Our Journey


July 1, 2009


Our journey was started with a promise to innovate and take ahead the technology through imagination.

Launched Yotto Wink

April 2, 2010

Launched Yotto Wink

Pivoted to Restaurant

November 5, 2010

Pivoted to Restaurant

Covered in Times Of India

November 11, 2011

Covered in Times Of India

Diner App

December 16, 2011

Diner App

Stewot LITE and EKOT Launched

November 16, 2012

Stewot LITE and EKOT Launched

Red Herring Award 2013

September 12, 2013

Red Herring Award 2013

First Major Customer

February 6, 2014

First Major Customer

We’ve got First Major Customer

MatirKatha project

September 11, 2014

MatirKatha project

West Bengal GOVT MatirKatha  An agricultural Project  Live

Hungry Leopard & TouchVentory

May 7, 2015

Hungry Leopard & TouchVentory

Introducing DigitalBricks

May 11, 2016

Introducing DigitalBricks

Future Plan

May 5, 2020

Future Plan

Honourable Members


Dr. Subir Saha CEO, Co-founder


Mustafa Lokhandwala Head of Business Development

joydeep ghosh

Joydeep Ghosh CFO

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