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Be Everywhere At The Same Time Whatever your business we have a solution for you

Digital Bricks provides an affordable, pay as you go, cloud-based solution for Food & Beverage and Retailers to manage and control their entire business real-time; from the front-end of the central office to the back-end of every outlet, kiosk or cart, from offline to online engagements. Our tablet and mobile-based solutions include inventory management, delivery, staffing, marketing tools, call center platform, reporting, self-ordering, POS, and more. If you’re looking to grow your business by increasing the number of outlets as well as have an increasing digital presence while maintaining your brand – we’re the solution for you.

Food & Beverage

The Best Solution For Your Restaurant Business


Manage Your Kitchen and Captivate Your Customers

From the Back of the House to the Front of the House we take care of it all – it’s just plug and play!

If you went into the restaurant business because of your love of food and watching a customers face light up as they taste your signature dishes, but you feel like you need an IT degree to run your business then let Digital Bricks be your partner. Digital Bricks product suite makes managing your multi-unit restaurants a breeze. From managing inventory, sending orders directly to your kitchen, taking online orders, coordinating deliveries, taking payments through our POS system to creating menus, and much more all in one place. So leave the servers (and we mean the hardware version not the people who work in your restaurant!), tech talk, and the latest technology tools to us and spend your time managing your restaurant and interacting with your customers – the way it should be.


The Best Solution For Your Retail Business


Deploy Omni Channel Strategies and Increase Loyalty

Seamlessly integrate your Brick and Mortar stores, e-commerce site, mobile apps, kiosks, etc. creating an incredible shopping experiences for your customers.

Digital Bricks provides a flexible, modular and integrated Omni channel solution that allows any type of Brick and Mortar retailer to leverage the emerging technologies that make the digital and the physical world of retail merge, integrating all of the functions from the purchasing of inventory to the delivery of goods or services. Creating immense opportunities to expand a retailer’s reach and revenue in novel ways to touch customers through all of the channels where they interact and providing cross channel experiences.

Digital Bricks Drives Multi-Store Businesses Many success stories, many types of businesses, in many cities